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Rasheeda Frost Skips the Glam, Blows Away the ‘Gram With Her Natural Look

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost is leaving social media dazed with her au naturel looks.

The reality television veteran was spotted at her Pressed clothing boutique over the weekend in not-so-glammed fashion, although fans declared that she still looked beautiful. In a video she posted to Instagram on Saturday, Frost was seen sporting her natural kinky tresses instead of a pizzazz wig and wearing minimum amount of makeup. She also had on an over-sized t-shirt with sweatpants and sneakers.

“Look at me I look a mess, “Frost said the clip, grabbing her ponytail. “No makeup.”

Rasheeda Frost

Rashheda Frost. (@rasheeda/Instagram)

However, she let fans know there was no shame in her game regarding her appearance, stating in her caption “Come holla @pressedatl 😘 this is how I normally dress tho 😩🤣😜.”

Fans were puzzled that Frost thought she looked “a mess” when they felt she looked naturally beautiful.

“Looking a mess where?” one person confusedly asked the star in her comments. “You’re naturally beautiful 🔥🔥 and nothing else needs to be added.”

“Wow she doesn’t have to try to be gorgeous she’s just naturally perfect 😍,” another person said. “Girl yo mess look cute stop playing!”

Someone else commented, “Even on chill she bad 😍 now that’s a woman 💯 naturally beautiful.”

“@rasheeda be quiet you cute when you ain’t even trying!!🙄😩😜🥰🔥🔥 Just naturally beautiful,” another fan remarked.

Frost’s natural beauty and youthful appearance always prompts fans to ask her for beauty tips and secrets. During an interview with Footwear News in June 2017, she revealed that she uses natural products like African soap and cocoa butter as part of her beauty regimen.

“I wash my face with black soap every day,” the “LHHATL” star said. “I put cocoa butter on my face every single day. On a day when I don’t have to get glammed up — it’s just a little bit of [Mac] NC 45 [foundation], some lashes and maybe fill in my eyebrows, depending on how I’m feeling,and some gloss.”

She also mentioned how important it was for women to love themselves whether they’re glammed up or not.

“We have to learn to embrace ourselves — point blank, period. You’re not going to look like certain people — you’re only you,” said Frost. “Embrace yourself — look at the parts of you that are amazing, and highlight those points. Every woman is not going to have everything. Don’t compromise yourself — you don’t have to do all of that extra stuff to be seen and noticed. Be as clean and beautiful as you can — don’t try to overdo it or grow up too fast.”


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