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Joseline Hernandez Has Fans Salivating Over Her ‘Supermodel’ Appearance

Joseline Hernandez continues to keep fans on their toes with another sexy photo.

The star of VH1’s  “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” posed effortlessly in a pic she shared to her mononymous Instagram account Saturday, March 23.

“Green gets the honey 🍯,” she wrote in the caption before noting the jacket hiding her figure is from U.K.-based fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

The fact that Hernandez was covering herself up some did not stop fans from losing it over her sexy figure, which was wrapped in a skimpy bikini that still managed to show off her booty.


“Look at wifey 🌹”

“Baddie alert 🔥”

“Okayyyyy supermodel.”

This is the latest sultry moment Hernandez has uploaded to her IG page. Two days ago, the star uploaded other thirst trap shots to her account, and one is now her profile picture. Hernandez, clad in a lacey monokini, toyed with her followers as she lounged in a floaty in the pool, looking up at the camera with a finger placed daintily in her mouth.

“Lawd have mercy! Show dem h-es how it’s REALLY DONE! #photooftheday #mahcuttycat!!!😎💯💪❤️.”

“Beautiful Outfit Along With A Beautiful Woman 💋 she’s da real bad gal 😍.”

“Yeasss b—h this my screen saver ❤️ you killed this look Joseline!”

It’s more recent that Hernandez has been praised for her sexy antics rather than being bashed for her parenting skills, which is a constant theme within her social media comments section.

In February, the single mom was slammed by critics who took issue with Bonnie Bella wearing a frilly white dress to gymnastics. While the 2-year-old looked to be having fun, many fans deemed the outfit “inappropriate” for the active activity.

“What in the Easter Sunday is going on here? I work with kids, and trust me I’ve seen some things, but for safety reason Bella shouldn’t have had a dress on and Joseline should of dressed her appropriately 😩.”

“She should have on some tights not be playing in her Easter dress smh. Ya’ll do realize that in Gymnastics you do turn flips right?? So her little dress is gonna fly up and show all of her little goods. Not a good idea.”

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