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Masika Kalysha Has the Perfect Clapback for Crude Comment About Her Being Male

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress Masika Kalysha has no filter when it comes to her ruthless clapbacks at social media trolls.

Kalysha who’s ostensibly been crowned the “clapback queen” let a fan have it after the person accused her of being not quite all woman. The social media influencer posted an image of herself sporting nothing but a bodysuit and thigh-high boots while seemingly behind the scenes at an unknown event.

In the image, she posed with one leg up on a table and the other on the ground, inadvertently — or perhaps not — drawing attention to her crotch area. She wrote in her Instagram caption on March 16 “I don’t need your situation.”

Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha. (Photo: @masikakalysha/Instagram)

A would-be maligner zeroed in on Kalysha’s nether regions, accusing her of having “balls.”

“Umm sis, your balls are falling out in the first pic ♀️🤔🤔🤦‍♀️,” the naysayer commented underneath the reality star’s picture.

Kalysha, who had no chill, shot back at the person, “I took them from the man that’s missing in all ur family pictures 👋🏾.”

The reality star’s cutting response elicited several reactions from fans who applauded her for hitting back at the troll.

“@masikakalysha I love how you clap back at these bi–hes 😂,” one fan wrote. ” That’s obviously your kitty kat or butt cheek not balls smh 🤷🏼‍♀️.”

“It’s always ways the insecure females..hating!” another fan exclaimed. “Masika don’t worry about these h-es they just mad because they broke 😂 .”

Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha. (@masikakalysha/Instagram)

“I don’t understand why ppl come for Masika only to get they ass ate up and burn 😭😂,” someone else commented. “Best clap backer periodt!”

The “GUHHATL” star has proudly accepted her title as the supposed “clapback queen” and told 96.7 The Beat during an interview that she hits back at folks in the name of her supporters.

“As silly as it sounds, I feel like my supporters need it,” the 34-year-old mother of one said. “It’s entertaining. I’m very witty, and I feel like a lot of people are very stupid. So I feel like stupid questions or stupid things said deserve an equally stupid response.”

She continued, “Sometimes people say things that are very ignorant and instead of getting mad I use humor.”

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