Steve Harvey Breaks Down the Difference Between Moms’ and Dads’ Parenting Styles


Steve Harvey says moms and dads parent in very different ways, and he used several viral videos to help illustrate his point.

On the March 12 episode of “Steve,” the talk show host explained that moms do the “absolute best job” at raising their children. However, when the kids are left with their dads, they “don’t do as good a job.”

“If mom takes a kid to the airport, she’s gonna let ’em ride on the escalator, point out the planes, watch the planes take off, stop in the shops,” Harvey explains. “Dad is just about business. He just wants to get where he’s going, he needs to get there now! The fact that you don’t feel like walking through the airport can’t stop him from the task at hand.”

Then, he rolled a viral tape of a man dragging his daughter by the hoodie through baggage claim at the Washington-area Dulles International Airport on New Year’s Day.

“Now, you may think this is just one dad that does this,” he says after the footage stops rolling. “This is something we do. We got to go. How do you explain a different dad at a grocery store?”

A new clip then rolled showing another dad doing the same action with his kid in a grocery store and then yet another of a dad at the mall.

“So moms, when you need the day off, take it,” Harvey concludes. “But when your husband says, ‘I’m gonna drag the kids on a couple of errands,’ he’s actually gon’ be dragging the kids on a couple of errands.”

Harvey’s explanation had the audience and viewers at home cracking up.

“Dad said ‘not today either u get your ass on this flight or your walking to ur next destination’ 🤣”

“That was Good And Funny 😀😀😀LOL But I guess I’m just different because the two girls that I helped raise it was different I was different I took the time to step the necessary, extra time thank you God bless you Steve.”

“Mothers do a great job…….But dads get in and get out so funny and that’s Real.”

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