Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweet Mocking Study About Pollution Disproportionately Impacting Black People Completely Backfires 

It seems Donald Trump Jr. may not have quite understood a headline about an air pollution study. And his tweeting about it has left his mentions in shambles.

The trustee and executive vice president of the Trump Organization reacted to the findings of a study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Monday. The research revealed that despite white Americans causing most of the country’s polluted air, Black and Hispanic communities are the ones disproportionately inhaling it.

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. speaks to West Virginia voters at a campaign event for Republican U.S Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey October 22, 2018 in Inwood, West Virginia. (Photo:Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The research revealed that Black Americans are exposed to about 56 percent more pollution than their consumption causes. Hispanics in the U.S. face 63 percent more pollution than they cause.

On March 13, Trump Jr. remarked about how ridiculous he found the findings.

“Just when you thought you’ve seen it all… now we have RACIST AIR,” Trump Jr. tweeted Wednesday morning along with a quote tweet of an article covering the study. “This insanity has to stop.”

Donald Trump Jr.

In no time, Trump Jr. was ripped apart by Twitter users who slammed his intelligence.

“It’s official. You’re too dumb to parody.”

“It’s understandable why the headline might confuse a low IQ greaseball such as yourself. But if you actually read it (tricky, I know) then you’d perhaps comprehend it a little better. Or maybe your brand of utter moron works for you an resonates with your base.”

“Your woeful hot takes are so obtuse it’s not even funny. You really are your father’s idiot son.”

“Idiocracy was supposed to be a SCI FI movie not actual reality !”

“Science must be confusing when you never had to study because Daddy was going to buy your way into college.”

This is not the first time the eldest of President Donald Trump’s sons has tweeted something that didn’t land well.

In 2017, Trump Jr. got blasted when he tweeted on Halloween of his daughter, “I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never to early to teach her about socialism.”

Among those who got after him was singer John Legend who said, “You teach her about nepotism and fraud every day. I guess it’s good to teach socialism to mix it up.”

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