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Bow Wow Sends Message of Appreciation To Joie Chavis While Exes Erica Mena and Kiyomi Leslie Bond

Bow Wow may not be getting along with one of his former partners in Kiyomi Leslie, but he seems to have a strong relationship with Joie Chavis, another ex.

The reality star, TV host and sometimes rapper wrote a message about Chavis on Tuesday in regards to how much he appreciates her. Bow and Chavis have a 7-year-old daughter together named Shai Moss, and they haven’t been together for quite some time.

Bow Wow sent a message about how much he appreciates his baby's mother Joie Chavis.


“This woman right here is my dawg!” wrote Bow next to a video of Chavis dancing. “We never fight fuss none of that she never asks me for NOTHING! I know most bm and bd’s dont get along but i knew the typa man i was and was gone be and she knew too hahaha ( playboy ) she accepted me for who i am and i accepted her. Hell of a mom to my little shai shai. Couldn’t ask for a better woman to raise my princess! We fam 4 life.”

He then told other men to be thankful for their children’s mother.

“Appreciate your kids mom today,” wrote Bow. “Break the narrative. Fellas imagine if we had they job. Understand what the moms have to go through. Now j bounce back so u can make more hot sh– like this! Yall give my daughter mom a follow ✊ always fam. #blackqueens#appreciatethesemothers #positiveenergy@joiechavis.”

Chavis — who also welcomed a son with Future over the Christmas holiday — hasn’t responded to Bow yet, but his followers have and many appreciated the post.

“💯It’s always good when a man is giving props too the woman of his child that’s what’s up yeah you guys are family for life,” someone wrote.

“That’s what’s up! Keep being great parents to your little princess,” a second person commented. “The healthy relationship between you two will only benefit her. Mad respect for this post!”

Bow’s message comes almost two months after he and Leslie were charged with battery for fighting. As reported, police showed up to the former couple’s Atlanta apartment when the building manager received complaints of yelling and placed the call. There was also footage of Bow acting aggressively towards Leslie in an elevator that surfaced.

The two have since parted ways, and earlier this week Leslie received a supportive message from Eric Mena, another woman who dated the rapper.

“See I know I deserve more,” wrote Leslie on Instagram. “I just never said it.”

“Keep that smile and head up high,” Mena responded, which Leslie thanked her for.

You can see Bow’s message to Chavis below.

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