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Cardi B Gives Humorous Clap Back, Fans Come To Defense After Woman Says Offset Will Cheat Again

Cardi B was given credit for issuing a clever clap back against someone who spoke about Offset, her husband.

The couple has been estranged since early December after Offset was caught trying to have a threesome, but they’ve recently been seen spending time together.

Cardi B issued the perfect clapback to someone who said Offset will cheat again.


On Monday (Feb. 18) Cardi posted a video of herself visiting an office to have a hair removal procedure done, and Offset was with her.

“Do you wanna see me get my vagina lasered?” she asked her husband.

The Migos rapper said he was willing to do so and told his wife not to be scared after she expressed fear.

Someone in the comments then brought up Offset’s past cheating and told the “Invasion of Privacy” rapper that the hair removal wouldn’t keep him from straying.

“If she thinks that’s gonna keep him from cheating, she wrong,” wrote someone who uses the Instagram handle nesha_bush.

Cardi then shot back with the same humor and frankness that she’s now famous for.

“@nesha_bush I just think is not going to make me feel like I have a mink coat down there,” she wrote. “Nothin to do with a man. Godd-m.”

A lot of folks loved how Cardi responded and found it funny. Others told nesha_bush and others to cease with the negative comments. People also seemed excited about the possibility of the two rappers being fully back together.

“I Literally love y’all…….and the happiness y’all share together……#F–kThese Haters#,” one person wrote. “He aint going nowhere Cardi, you got that Good Good, and bitches is mad.”

“Cardi give them h–s NO energy !!!!!! They can only wish ! & clearly watch,” wrote someone else.

Besides the office visit, on Monday, Cardi also posted a photo of her performance from the Grammy Awards, which aired earlier this month. The 26-year-old received five nominations that night, and her “Invasion of Privacy” LP won the category of Best Rap Album.

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