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Nene Leakes Hits Back at Naysayers Who Claim She Didn’t Support Husband Gregg In the Hospital

Nene Leakes is defending herself against critics who say she simply dropped off her husband Gregg Leakes at the hospital rather than sticking by him as he underwent surgery.

The accusations came after Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” which saw some of Nene’s stress surrounding caring for her cancer-stricken husband come to light.

“I feel like I’m just dealing with a whole lot,” she told Gregg in exasperation on their way to the hospital. Nene said she would head to her store, Swagg Boutique, while Gregg goes under for another colon cancer surgery.

The statement led many to feel as if Nene was abandoning her husband rather than giving him the support he needed.

“Nene, u r soooo wrong girl! You say Gregg has always taken care of u & u leave him at the hospital for surgery???? Cold hearted Nene…” one fan fired off when they caught the sneak peek.

Leakes took to her Instagram comments to defend herself at the time and wrote back, “Gregg deserves loyalty???? Ask him who’s loyal in his life! I’ll wait.”

But after the episode aired Feb. 17, more criticism came. Nene finally addressed it on Instagram Live Thursday, Feb. 21.

“Some people thought I dropped Gregg off at the hospital and kept going,” she says. “Like, who the f— does that? If you pay attention and you listen closely, Gregg says, ‘Get my bad out of the car’… Also, every time Gregg was in the hospital or we went to a cancer hospital or Gregg had a surgery I was always on Instagram Live

“The only issue is these things only last 24 hours but it was on live,” she says. “And I never once just dropped Gregg curbside at the hospital and he’s gone inside to have a surgery while I go to Swagg. That is absolutely not how it goes down.”

In response, many fans said she owed no one any explanation.

“You don’t have to explain anything Queen! But you are so cute and real💯💜!!! Love me so @neneleakes 💜”

“Nene the hell with these people, non factors.”

“Girl you don’t have to explain nothing about your life.”

However, some viewers of RHOA remained unconvinced.

“Stop trying to justify your behavior ‘Onnn Suuunnnday’ Please your mean!!!”

“While watching the show… it appeared that nene said she was going to run errands for swagg after she dropped Gregg off 🤔🤔”

“You said while he was in surgery you were going to run errands and go to your shop you said it not us😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 now that you have seen how horrible you sounded your trying to retreat nah boo your a mean ass b—- to leave your husband who has cancer to run errands.”

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