Tami Roman Fans Applaud Her Newest Message: ‘So True!’


Tami Roman has a message for fans and it’s one they are loving.

The “Basketball Wives” star uploaded a meme on Sunday, Feb. 17, encouraging folks to do what makes them honestly happy.

“When you do things from your soul, other people really dig that s—,” the meme read.

“💯” Roman cosigned the message.

tami roman

Fans sang the praises of the note from the actress, who recently wrapped the first season of BET’s new show “Carl Weber’s The Family Business.

“So true!!”

“Authentic! People can spot it from a mile away! 🙌🏾🙏🏾💜”

“Real talk… i can dig it!”

“Yes, they do! Love ya Mrs. Tami😀😘”

“🙌🏽 Yas kween! Keep being your best self and winning! I love seeing your success 🙏🏽”

And it seems Roman is taking that message to heart.

Lately, the star has tackled new ventures that she is passionate about, including pursuing music and diving into the fashion world.

After teasing her rap alter ego, Tatiana Trill, to “Bossip on WE” in September, Roman explained on “Sister Circle” why she wants to get back into recording.

“I feel like I’m at a point in my life where it’s — I hate to say bucket list, it sounds clichéd — but it’s really what it is for me,” she said in December. “I didn’t do that. Why not me? If other people can make it happen, I’ma get out there. And whether people love it or hate it, it’s just something that I want to do.”

Before the end of the year, Roman revealed Tatiana in all her glory. And as fans wait for music to drop, they can look forward to a new shoe collection debuting from Roman this March.

The star announced in January that she’d be collaborating with designer Jessica Rich for a line of sexy shoes that fit Roman’s personal style.

“When I thought about a business I could get into, I wanted to pick things that are organic and authentic to me,” Roman explained to Footwear News at the time. “I don’t do things because someone else is winning in that lane. I do things I’m passionate about — and in the event it doesn’t take off, I can say, ‘But I still love it!’”

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