‘GUCCI?!’: Tommie Lee Dragged to the Pit After Wearing ‘Gucci Overalls’ Amid Boycott


Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum Tommie Lee is catching a lot of backlash for apparently wearing a pair of Gucci overalls in a recent photo.

A recent boycott against Gucci and Prada was just declared a few days ago by members of the hip-hop community after the company produced a sweater that was strongly suggestive of blackface imagery. Lee must not have “got the memo,” according to fans, because the reality star was seen still rocking her expensive designer labels.

The 34-year-old took to Instagram on Sunday, Feb. 10, and shared a photo of herself leaving Peri.A clothing boutique in West Hollywood, California. Lee highlighted the ensemble she was wearing, which included a light blue bodysuit from Fashion Nova, a pair of sky blue stiletto heels, an ankle bracelet and an apparent pair of Gucci denim overalls.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee. (Photo: @tommiee/Instagram)

“Mad designers on me but Issa @fashionnova moment..,, bodysuit,” Lee wrote in her Instagram caption.

Social media swarmed the reality star’s photo and blasted her for wearing Gucci after their reported blackface scandal.

“Must not got the memo 😒 no Gucci support right now or any designer s–t!” one fan wrote under Lee’s comments.

Another added, “GUCCCCCCCCCI!? @souldboy voice. I love you but we don’t wear gucci nomore sis 👌🏽.”

A third fan wrote in disappointment, “GUCCIIIIIII !!!! Cmon sis 🤦🏾‍♀️ Gucci tho? Stand for nothing, fall for anything 😒😒.”

Lee has yet to address the backlash she’s receiving for still wearing Gucci merchandise amid the boycott.

Last week, social media lit up with images of a Gucci black wool balaclava sweater from its recent fall-winter collection, one that featured a slit for the mouth that was ringed with red lips in a design that evokes blackface. The Italian company later pulled it from online and shelves after catching a tsunami of backlash.


Film director Spike Lee and rappers Soulja Boy and T.I. announced that they were boycotting Gucci as well as Prada, which had to pull its seemingly racist monkey-like bag charms last year.

Although the Italian clothing brand released an apology on Feb. 7 for causing “offense” to folks, rapper T.I. made it perfectly clear that its apology was not accepted.

“APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED!!!!” T.I. wrote on Instagram on Friday. “We ain’t going for this ‘oops my bad I didn’t mean to be racist and disrespectful towards your people.’”

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