‘Too Much Swag’: Tiny Harris’ Photos of Her Son With Monica’s Boys Is Getting A lot of Love


Fans went crazy over a recent photo of Tiny Harris’ son King and Monica‘s boys Rocko and Romello, ages 14, 13 and 11 respectively.

The photo, which was shared Thursday on Tiny’s Instagram page, shows the three young men displaying a coolness way beyond their years.

People lost it over a photo of Tiny and Monica's sons.

King is sporting black ripped jeans, a black jacket and a grey oversized hoodie. Not to mention he has a Gucci bag hanging from his shoulder.

Rocko, meanwhile, rocks a dark Fendi sweatshirt and his own Gucci bag, while his little brother is decked out in a plaid top, grey sweats with a white Gucci accessory of his own. Plus, all three boys flash poses that make it look like they’re a well-established rap group.

“They got next up,” Tiny captioned the photo, and the comments came at a rapid pace.

“How they all got Gucci bags 😄and I don’t. Too much swag but I love tho,” one person wrote.

“The world ain’t ready. They gonna bring it. I see all three as music legends in their own right,” wrote another.

“Them 3 got all the swag on lock in the ATL,” a third person commented.

Monica didn’t share the same photo on her page, but she did post another of her two boys on Thursday, and based on their outfits it looks like it was taken the same day.

In that particular post, both of her sons sit in the back of a luxury vehicle while again, looking like successful rappers, which folks seem to love.

“Romelo laid back like yeah I got my goon with me. Get outta line if you wanna and Rocko got that these n@&$s don’t want no 💨 lil bro you good,” someone wrote.

People lost it over a photo of Tiny and Monica's sons.
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