Man Who Took a Photo Of Drake Giving Money To McDonald’s Workers Called Liar, Defends Himself


Two McDonald’s employees have an extra $100 in their pocket thanks to Drake.

On Saturday (Jan. 26) a Twitter user named AJ said he saw the whole thing and took a photo, but it turned out he was wrong about the amount.

The person who took a photo of Drake giving money to McDonald's workers is now defending himself.

“Just saw Drake in McDonald’s, and he gave two female employees $10,000 each in cash, wrote AJ, who according to his Twitter account is based in Los Angeles and so is the McDonald’s location the rapper visited.

Later, a McDonald’s rep confirmed that Drizzy handed the women $100 each, not $10,000.

Drake also posted a shot of the visit to his Instagram page, which showed him and his security guard Nessel “Chubbs” Beezer smiling and looking over the counter. The Canadian wordsmith also captioned the post with “M’s,” short for McDonald’s.

Some might say the 32-year-old’s generosity mirrors the concept of his mega popular “God’s Plan” video, where he shows himself giving money to strangers, taking people shopping and buying folks groceries.

Elsewhere in the video, Drake gives University of Miami student Destiny James a check for $50,000 and $25,000 to Miami Senior High School.

“The budget for this video was $996,631. 90,” it says at the start of the “God’s Plan” clip. “We gave it all away. “Don’t tell the label.”

AJ, for his part, has become a mini-celebrity for sharing the photo of Drake at McDonald’s, but some questioned if the Twitter user was really there since he had the amount wrong. So the Los Angeles resident defended himself and gave more details of the rapper’s visit.

“One of the employees (who I know since I visit that particular location often) turned to me as he and his security guards walked in (after going through the drive-thru) and whispered what just happened as the other female employee started crying hysterically in the back,” wrote AJ on Thursday (Jan. 31)

“& since y’all want to believe a certain individual (who wasn’t there) who apparently contacted a McDonald’s ‘PR team’ (who also wasn’t there) – this didn’t happen inside. He came through the drive-thru first & only came inside (with his security guards) to use the bathroom,” he added.

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