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‘N—- What?!’ Tamar Braxton Goes Off On Ricky Williams for ‘Making It Seem’ Like She’s a Liar

Songstress Tamar Braxton flew into a rage on the set of “Celebrity Big Brother” US this week after housemate Ricky Williams reportedly made her out to be a liar and a source of negativity in the house.

What began as an innocent conversation soon took a turn for the worst when Williams, a former NFL running back, asked Braxton, 41, if she’s ever “contributed to negativity.” As reported by, the “Love and War” singer acknowledged her bad behavior and admitted that she has willingly done so before.

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton popped her top when housemate Ricky Williams accused her of “bullshitting” about her past negative behavior. (YouTube / video screenshot)

As Braxton tried explaining herself, Williams cut her off. After one too many interruptions, the former “Braxton Family Values” star went berserk.

“I let you talk! Don’t do that to me!” she began. “Stop gettin’ crunk with me.”

All hell broke loose when Williams accused the R&B star of “bullshitting” him when it came to owning up to her past mistakes.

“N—a, what is you talkin’ about?” Braxton said, hopping up from the bed. “No, what you’re not gonna do is make it like I’m a bulls—–r or a liar. That’s not what I do!”

She added: “I take pride in being an honest ass woman, PERIOD. With my man, with my job, with people. I don’t play that bulls–t. This is the second time you’ve put that energy out there, as if I’m a bulls–t ass person. Quit that bulls–t.”

Williams tried explaining himself, but Braxton had already stormed out of the room.

CBB fans reveled in the drama and argued Tamar’s blowups were great for the show’s ratings. Still, there were those who said they’re fed up with her explosive antics.

“I don’t care what anyone says Tamar is good for this show,” an Instagram user wrote. “If they vote her off the views will go down for sure.”

“Tamar unstable as hell every time she gets on TV she makes a monkey of herself,” wrote another. “That girl needs some real help … she is just too emotionally unstable and always plays the victim.”

Watch more in the video below.

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