Naturally, Masika Kalysha Claps Back at Meek Mill’s Objections About Women Wearing Wigs


Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress Masika Kalysha gave voice to her opinions on rapper Meek Mill‘s protest against women wearing lace-front wigs.

The Philadelphia artist went on a Twitter rant on Monday, Jan. 7, to let social media know he was fed up with individuals not wearing their natural hair.

“Lace front wigs are wackkkk! I’m protesting them,” Meek tweeted. “I just hate when you see that lace cap line in front all slicked down and the net in the middle. We letting y’all have everything else …. ask y’all man how he feel lol.”

Masika Kalysha
(meek mill’s twitter)

Meek has continuously reiterated his dislike for lace-front wigs and strongly implies that he prefers women to wear their natural hair.

The Philly rapper’s wig-protesting tweets led to backlash from a gang of his fans and from reality star Kalysha, who’s known for wearing bold lace-frontals.

The “GHHATL” actress took to her Instagram account on Tuesday, Jan. 8, and responded to Meek’s wig beef.

She captioned the video, “Dear @meekmill 😂😂” and says in the recording, “All right, Meek, I just got off a serious conference call with the wig-wearing community, and we’ve come to a compromise. We will stop wearing laces when you stop screaming at us.”

Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha (L) and (R) Meek Mill.

Kalysha posted a second video of herself with her natural hair and no makeup. She added that men claim they want a natural woman but will cheat on her with a woman who wears wigs all the time.

“No make up, no wig weave, no lashes… niggas say they want this but will cheat on yo natural ass with wigsheeka,” she wrote.

Fans of the reality star appeared to agree with her point of view.

“Facts. Men don’t really want natural. It just sounds good for them to say 🙄.”

“@masikakalysha you should have told him to get his ass in shape first before he wanna protest about anything…🤣🤣🤣 beer belly face ass🤣🤣😫.”

“Damn my lace wigs😂😂 We will stop wearing them,when y’all men stop wearing them. 💥.”

Meek has yet to address Kalysha’s response to his lace-front protests but did seemingly backpedal from his original statements by saying he could still be “attracted to a woman wearing them” but will always question whether her hair is real.

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Dear @meekmill 😂😂😂

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