‘You Betta Sang Logan:’ Tamar Braxton Practices Her Vocal Runs with Son Logan In Cute Video



Tamar Braxton was messing around with an Instagram filter recently and decided to play with her vocals in the process. But it turns out her son stole the show when he joined in.

Punctuated by a call and response of whoahs, oohs and ahhs, the video uploaded on Dec. 12 concluded when Braxton urged her son to “sing it, sing it, boy!” Apparently, Logan decided he’d had enough of echoing his mom, who like him had a toothy bear face filter on her face.

“Beans👑,” Braxton lovingly captioned the clip.

Fans initially began applauding the singer’s vocal runs.

“You better come through with the vocals and filter!!! 😂😂😍”

“Beautiful moment 💪🏽 and you SANGIN.”

“Them vocals girl my spirit shifted.”

“Damn woman. Vocals 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @tamarbraxton.”

“Even when you playing them vocals are fire🙏🙏🙏”

But then, others started building up Logan’s budding voice.

“Yes Logan! Come on vocals!”

“😂 Ok then Logan!!! I see y’all #YallBetterSang.”

“You betta sang Logan!!! Lol.”

“@tamarbraxton Quit stealing his shine…. Lol..Can he get the lead right quick? Lol…..Awe, fun moments….”

“Get it Logan 😍 🤣😂 💙”

The musical bonding session is perhaps the kind of fun Braxton prefers to have with her 5-year-old who last week pulled a nasty prank on his mom. Braxton posted a clip on Instagram Thursday, Dec. 6 of Logan, who is affectionately nicknamed Beans, playing with her electric toothbrush as it spun around on the floor.

“Logan, why is my toothbrush brushing the floor? Did you do that?” Braxton asked her son, who wasted no time denying it was him.

“🧐 I wonder how long he’s been playing with my toothbrush 🤢..is this why i woke up with my throat hurting 🤦🏽‍♀️,” she asked in the video’s caption.

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