Shamea Morton’s Sweet Post Goes Left After a Fan Demands Her Attention

Real Housewives of Atlanta” actress Shamea Morton recently put a fan in their place after the person accused her of not responding back to messages.

Morton recently gave birth to her baby girl Shya Nyambura Mwangi on Sunday, November 25 with her husband Gerald Mwangi. Since then, the new mother has shared the sweetest mommy and daughter photos. The baby is the star’s first child and she appears to be in mommy bliss.

Morton took to Instagram on Tuesday and shared an adorable post with her newborn. Baby Shya was swaddled in a pink blanket with a matching head headband while the new mother sported a pink shirt matching her daughter.

Shamea Morton

(photo credit @shameamorton)

“🌸Monday’s with my mini🌸 @princessshya #Love #Blessed #MyGirl #kikuyubarbie #prettyinpink #shyanyamburamwangi #ignoremyashyhands 😂,” the RHOA star captioned the image.

Although several people gushed over the beautiful photo, one fan called out Morton for never responding to those who support her.

“Its a lot of people who have grown to love you and support you, please start responding to some of the positive messages/comments and nt so many of the negative,” the person wrote. “You really could make someone’s day by just a simple thank you! Love you and congrats ❤️!”

Morton wasn’t feeling the fan’s comment and clapped back, “Then you haven’t been a follower of mine for long because I rarely reply to any type of negativity 🙄 (even this comment). But here ya go “THANK YOU” doll 😘.”

Another fan told the new mother to “ignore” Instagram trolls.

“@shameamorton love on your baby and ignore the ppl that’s crying for your attention💓”

While others fawned over how adorable the star’s “beautiful” baby girl.

“Precious baby, girl enjoy. She got me smiling over here. Blessings❤️!!!”

“She’s Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful👸🏾😘.”

Morton initially announced the birth of her daughter on Instagram and wrote in a post, “I’m officially a MOM! I have a whole new respect for women and our bodies. Child birth is nothing short of a miracle. I feel so blessed to have had this experience.”

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