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Tiny Harris’ Daughter Heiress Is Adorable as She Plays with Her Designer Teddy Bear

Little Heiress Harris proved to be a tiny heart-stealer as she played with her favorite teddy bear, and fans just couldn’t get enough of it.

Tiny Harris recorded her little girl playing with her brown Louis Vuitton–printed teddy bear that was almost the size of the toddler. “Whatcha got there?” Tiny asked her daughter. Heiress replied, “A teddy bear.” Tiny told her daughter that the bear was cute, and Heiress respectfully said, “Thank you, mommy.”

The singer shared the adorable video on Thursday to her Instagram. In her caption she wrote, “My baby @heriessdharris loves her new teddy bear Louie.”

Fans commented about the precious little 2-year-old looking so cute playing with her teddy bear.

“How much the bear cost I’m gone get one tax time.”

“Awww her so cuteeee”

“She is so smart and well mannered. ”

“I love watching this beautiful girl”

One fan pointed out how articulate she was in holding a conversation with her mom.

“she is so smart she have whole meaningful conversations with them”

Last week, Heiress amazed her fans with how well she can speak and express her feelings. She was in a debate with her 14-year-old brother King Harris about who is older. The way she kept the argument about being in her mother’s stomach first shocked the fans.

Fans left comment like, “I think what I love most is how well articulated all of your babies are. You & Tip don’t play when it comes to education and yall dont get enough credit for that.”

The limited-edition Louis Vuitton DouDou teddy bear retailed for $9,000 when it was released several years ago.


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