College Professor Nerrisa Reaves Responds After Being Accused of Dressing Too Sexy For Class

There aren’t too many college professors who go viral but Nerrisa Reaves did.

She’s a model and business owner, who has an undergraduate degree from Spellman and a graduate degree from the University of New Haven. But what people have been talking about the most is her figure.

College professor Nerrisa Reaves responds to people saying she's dressed inappropriately to teach class


The video that captured everyone’s attention was a clip from Reaves IG Live, which showed her teaching a writing class.

She was dressed in tight jeans and heels at the time, and many called the outfit inappropriate. Some also had a problem that Reaves recorded herself while she taught.

“The fact that you’re even recording yourself teaching is literally [wrong], cause you know you have a crazy body,” someone wrote. “Please just stop the bulls–t.”

But others said Reaves has the right to wear whatever she wants and her body, nor her choices should be criticized. Some also said the professor is being discriminated against because she’s curvaceous and not skinny.

“Nobody cares how you’re dressed, as long as you’re dressed in a tasteful manner, which she was,” someone wrote. “It just happens to be different for her because she is shaped differently, so people feel some type of way. I have no reason to hate on the woman.”

Reaves eventually responded, stating there was nothing wrong with her outfit, given that other teachers wear similar clothes and her students are 18 years of age or older.

“I’ve been seeing one of my Lives floating all over social media because apparently, my jeans are a topic of conversation again,” she wrote. So let me start off by saying that I teach at a local college and therefore all of my students are adults. Additionally, I am allowed to wear what makes me comfortable and I love jeans and heels.”

“Forgive me for not wearing baggy jeans from the ’90s,” added Reaves. “Where would I even buy those? Tons of professors at my school wear jeans and heels.”


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