Reginae Carter Expresses Vague Dissatisfaction with Her Life, Fans Read the Tea Leaves and Decide It’s Lucci She Means

Reginae Carter is fed up with someone, and fans think they know who, her 27-year-old boo YFN Lucci.

Reginae Carter

Carter made posts in her Instagram Story about having an epiphany about wasting her time. In her Story she wrote, “At 5am Dec 5, I’m just now realizing….” She continued in another post, “I’ve been wasting my mf time.” In her last post she shared a meme that said, “Lord please never let me settle with anything. My goals, my dreams, my spouse, my life in general. Push me to my full potential please.”

Although the 20-year-old did not specify what exactly she was referring to in her very ambiguous posts, fans have a pretty good idea about who they believe she is talking about.

Most of the fans came to the conclusion that she had to be talking about her bad-boy boyfriend Lucci.

“Welp if this is about Lucci your momma BEEN saying that momma always knows best”

“everybody breaking up before the Christmas and Valentine’s Day”

“I hope she finally woke up and finds someone on her level”

“Bye Bye Rayshawn”

Not too long ago, fans were hot here for Lucci wishing his girlfriend a late happy birthday. Many commented that the rapper waited too late in the day to make the post. Haters left comments like, “It took you all f*cking day u should have been 1st.”


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