Masika Kalysha Mommy Shamed for Wearing Sexy Outfit: ‘Bad Mother for Wearing That Around Your Kids!’

Masika Kalysha sexy photo didn’t sit well with a troll and the reality star’s fans jumped in to help. The single mother posted a photo wearing a low-cut yellow bodysuit showing off her curves.

In her caption, she wrote, “I said what I look like he said like my chick. Bodysuit @fashionnova”

While some fans praised the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star for showing her natural beauty, one fan felt the racy photo was too much for a mother. Masika Kalysha

“What type outfit is that? Bad mother for wearing that around your kids!!”

Kalysha did not care for the critic’s opinion and hit back.

“Are u dumb or just jealous? Because real moms Breastfeed and take baths with their kids, get dressed when they can, can’t pee alone, shower with the whole damn family in the bathroom…yall bitches be so insecure with your bodies that you try to mother Shame a woman for being comfortable with her body. Bro that’s real ass sickness. Taking about u shouldn’t wear a body suit around my kid BITH IM NAKED WITH MY CHILD WEIRD ASS BITCH NOW WHAT?!”

Fans instantly stepped in to defend the former “Love and Hip Hop” star.

“Wow! wearing a sexy outfit makes you a bad mother?”

“This is 2018 and we are still oppressing, mothers, women ect? bodies are bodies being a mom doesn’t make you any less deserving to show off your sexy.”

“Somebody always gotta go and attack somebody’s motherhood.”

The critic must be new to Kalysha’s page, after all, the model always posts pictures showing off her body. Back in Nov, she hared a photo in a crop top sweater and low riding capri pants. The fans seemed to love it, “Omg what’s the name of that song in your stories??”

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