‘Ugh, I Could Relate’ This Heartbreaking Scene with Black Ink Crew’s Bae and Her Mom Has Fans In Their Feelings

Black Ink Crew” viewers were almost in tears last week after Young Bae had an emotional conversation with her mother as to why she didn’t want to get married.

It’s no secret that Bae experienced a rough childhood growing up in Seoul, South Korea. The reality star grew up with an abusive father who would pose danger to she and her mother. She even opened up about the times she, her sister and mother would hide in shipping containers, homeless just to escape her father’s rage. Although, Bae and her mother have moved miles away from their abuser, the tattoo artist’s past came back to haunt her in an unexpected way.

Young Bae

(photo credit: VH1 screenshot: from left Young Bae’s Mom and Bae)

Bae’s mother proposed that she and her fiance Rob should go ahead and tie the knot before she makes her way back to Korea. Bae seemed extremely hesitant to her mother’s request. She broke down into tears after explaining to her mom that her perception of marriage was skewed because of the abuse her mother endured from her father.

Bae’s mother tearfully responded back, “I’m so sorry, that I showed you all of these bad things … My daughter had a bad impression of marriage. Even though you went through all those things as a child, this is just anxiety. You can’t live with those fears.”

Several “Black Ink” fans said they could completely relate to Bae’s situation and felt sympathy for the star’s situation.

“This broke my heart you can feel their pain 😥 .”

“Her mom is so damn sweet and loves her so much 😩 am I the only one crying 😭?”

“Probably the realest scene I’ve seen all season.”

“I can relate this made my heart break but I swear I knew she must’ve been hesitant.”

“Awww I know the feeling God bless these woman God’s gonna make a way 🙏🙏.”



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