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Porsha Williams Seemingly Takes Aim at Kandi Burruss After She Spills More Tea About Her Fiancé

Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss have been on the fritz over Burruss’ revelations about Williams’ fiancé and now, fans feel Williams has taken aim at her fellow “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star in her latest Instagram post.

“Yooo they got this crazy sale going on, for literally $0.00 you can mind your own f—ing business,” read a meme Williams uploaded on Instagram Wednesday, Nov. 28.

“Dih me … I mind mine for the low low!” Williams added in the caption.

Porsha Williams


But fans were over Williams’ feud with Burruss, who discussed Williams’ fiancé Dennis McKinley’s propensity for getting women’s names and faces tattooed on him as he wined and dined them on a recent episode of RHOA.

“Bish your whole entire existence consists of people being in your damn business so stfu.”

“After what YOU and that Other one that got kicked off the show said about Kandi!!!!!!!! What NERVE! Talk about minding your OWN Biz!!! That’s the pot calling the kettle !!! Holy SH&T!!!!”

“But mighty funny she didn’t mind her ‘f—ing business’ about Peter or Todd. This lil hypocrite is too much 😑”

Some, however, called out Burruss for being preoccupied with Williams’ relationship.

“Jealousy is a disease. Kandi get a life.”

“Meant for Kandi Im sure.”

“Yeah I don’t understand Kandi they said the same thing about Tod when she got with him 🙄.”

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