‘LHHH’ Album Gets Scrapped After Cast Members Disagree

It appears that the anticipated “Love and Hip Hop” album has been placed on the back burner.

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Ray J. Norwood spilled the tea on Monday about why the recording was pushed back, saying it was because of political reasons. He took to Instagram yesterday and wrote, “#lhhhollywood the Album got pushed back like a bad hairline! #MaybeNextTime.”

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He added, “Love and Hip Hop album is not coming out for a while… [I] couldn’t get the cast-members on the same page. Couldn’t get the business done right… I was thinking about it as a compilation and everybody just kind of shined with the singles that’s already out… I guess everybody else had a different idea so we back to the drawing board.”

Norwood also apologized to fans who were disappointed over the axed album.

“Sorry if everybody was looking forward to it that was fans of the show. … Hopefully, by next season, we’ll have the music out.”

Folks flooded the “One Wish” singer’s social media and were slightly upset to hear about the scrapped project.

“@Rayj f**k them make your own 💩.. Let ppl know how you can sing&write.”

“I was actually looking forward to it 😏. Ray J just come out with your own. I sincerely believe in your ability to. 💯 It’s really time to recognize that those that were first really made R&B what it is, and you’re apart of that. #Godbless 🙏🏾.”

“That would’ve been sweet, everyone could’ve brought their own style/music and possibly do a tour or a Live concert together. It could’ve been the first of something big for all LHH shows with all the talent on these shows. Keep working on that.”

“I was def going to cop it. I don’t understand y’all have an audience it made sense to put something out together but ok I guess.”

Norwood announced earlier in November that the show was releasing an album duo of love and the other one hip hop which would have been executive produced by Mona Scott-Young. No other information has been released.


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