Jay-Z Says He Won’t Go Forward With Arbitration Case Unless More Black Folks Are Added

Jay-Z is currently in a legal tug of war over his Roc Nation logo, but he wants to put an immediate halt to things, according to TMZ.

That’s because there aren’t enough Black arbitrators in the case and the opposing side sent a list of 200 people who are all white. Jay simply wants a more racially balanced group of individuals to decide things, so there’s a better chance of a fair decision being reached.

JAY-Z refuses to continue with arbitration case until Black arbitrators are brought on


The company Jigga is fighting against is Iconix Brand, who paid $204 million to license the rights to use his logo.

But they filed a suit after the logo was also used on items for Major League Baseball without their say. So the case is now being handled by arbitrators instead of an open court, which all parties agreed to.

And after their selection was turned down, the company sent another list of arbitrators that included “six people of color.”

One of those people, however, happens to be a partner with the law firm that’s handling Iconix case, so Jay also had an issue with the conflict of interest. At this point, his attorneys filed a restraining order to temporarily stop the case until they can vet the others on the list to make sure similar issues don’t exist.

Right now, Jay’s legal team has until Nov. 30 to choose an arbitrator, but that date is likely to be missed based on the restraining order.

The rapper hasn’t spoken about any of this to the press.


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