‘I Thought You Were Team Nicki?’ NeNe Leakes Blasted After Posing for Photo with Cardi B

Reality star NeNe Leakes caught heat from fans this week after showing support for rapper Cardi B, despite having appeared on rival Nicki Minaj‘s “Queen Radio” late last month.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Saturday shared photos from the launch of Cardi B’s new clothing line for online retailer Fashion Nova. For the reality TV star, it was all about showing up and supporting your fellow woman.

“For all you beautiful young butterflies to say how much you look up to me and [that] I’ve inspired you in some way is an honor,” Leakes captioned the photo. “Congrats on your new line and all your success @iamcardib. Keep doing ya thing ladies. #NothingButLove4YaBaby.”

Fans were quick to accuse Leakes of being two-faced.

“Weren’t you just on Queen Radio? Pick a side,” one fan wrote.

Leakes responded: “The beef between the two of them, is between the two of them! I won’t choose! I like both of them.”

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s longstanding rivalry came to a head earlier this year when the two emcees came to blows during a New York Fashion Week event. The fight left Cardi shoeless and with a noticeable lump on her forehead.

Cardi later ripped into the “Roman’s Revenge” rapper in a series of Instagram videos, accusing her of lying about what went down that night.

“How you say I got ragged by Rah Ali when there’s so many footages of that night, every single angle and where are we getting ragged at?” Cardi ranted.“You lie so much you can’t keep up with your f—-n’ lies. First you say you’ve got the footage — but then you say you wanna pay somebody $100,000 if they give you the footage? Yo, make sense when you’re talking.”

Many fans came to Leakes’ defense in the matter, arguing it was immature to force her to pick a side.

“FYI, she doesn’t have to pick a side,” one person wrote. “She can celebrate both women! It’s ya’ll fans that’s trying to keep this beef going.”

“Grow tf up,” wrote another. “She can be cool with both. F–k she gotta choose for?”

Another fan chimed in: “@NeneLeakes nor should you have to choose. You’re a grown ass woman who can be cool with whomever u choose to be cool wit.”

NeNe Leakes

Fans urged NeNe Leakes to pick a side: Team Cardi or Team Nicki. (Image courtesy of Instagram / NeNe Leakes)

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