‘I Did Nothing to You’ Bow Wow Vents About Break Up with Girlfriend Kiyomi


Bow Wow split with his girlfriend Kiyomi and it doesn’t seem to be sitting right with him.

In fact, it seems to be bothering him so much, that he sat down with Jermaine Dupris 20-year-old daughter Shaniah to vent and get some advice.

Bow explained why he broke up with his girlfriend Kiyomi

He also explained what sparked the break up, and it happened when they got into a nasty fight in the recording studio. The whole thing ended with a lot of yelling, a random phone call to a family member in the wee hours of the morning and two single people who were once spoken for.

“She was working on this record,” Bow explained. “I went to the club, she knew. And when I got back to the studio I just felt the dynamic of the room just change. So in my mind I’m like alright, what could I have done with this woman to make her mad.”

“Now I just got fed up and I’m like ‘I’m tired of this sh–. You always fucking with me. For no f—— reason. I did nothing to you,'” he continued. “So I just started venting. I said some things that were terrible to her. Next thing you know she’s screaming so loud, I’m like ‘Be quiet.’”

After that, Bow said that Kiyomi called his mother at five o’clock in the morning, and at this point she’s affecting not only him but his entire inner circle. But Shaniah told the rapper and actor not to worry about what others think and try to focus more on her good qualities.

You can watch Bow talk about the break up below and check out “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta” on Thursday, 9:00 p.m. EST on WE tv.

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