Toni Braxton Reveals Her Maid of Honor Will Not be Any of Her Sisters


Toni Braxton stopped by Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday, and revealed that she didn’t quite set a date for her and Birdman‘s wedding. She also let the fans know who her maid of honor will be.

Braxton spoke about not being able to set a date. “We almost had a date, well we had two dates, but we were doing “Braxton Family Values” and we were going through a little drama, and I was like, ‘Okay the wedding is a good thing to get all of us sisters together,’ but I couldn’t get us all together.” She added that her fiancé is giving her until the end of the year to pick a date.

The “Long As I Live” singer also revealed that she decide Jada Pinkett Smith will be her maid of honor. “None of them [will be my maid of honor], it’ll be my best friend, my girlfriend Jada!”

Although many didn’t know Braxton and Smith were close friends, she did speak about her dislike for her family. On the October 4 episode of “Braxton Family Values” she confessed her feelings about the other Braxton’s. “I’m confessing that although I love my family, most of the time I don’t like my family. Everyone in my family.” She continued, “It’s like I’m angry at everybody in my family. I don’t like my family. If they weren’t my family, they wouldn’t be my friends.”


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