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Laura Govan Hits Back at Hater Who Implies She’s a Bad Mom

Laura Govan was put on blast for apparently having too much time to mess around on social media but the former reality star didn’t sit back and take it. She delivered a nasty clapback of her own.

The “Basketball Wives” alum reposted a meme to her Instagram page on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

“A n—a can have the mos intelligent, sweet, good-looking, sexiest, independent woman and a RACCOON looking azz b—- gone catch his attention and lead him to the woods every time,” the post read.

Govan punctuated the memo by adding in the caption, “#InRealLife ~ Mentiroso, Estúpido, Baboso, Pendejo 🇲🇽🤷🏽‍♀️ … 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 Fox It Jesus! #Rp.” Translation? Liar, stupid, bonehead, stupid.

Laura Govan


Tons of commenters weighed in on Govan’s post.

“FOR REAL !!!!!!!!!”

“Okay, okay, both scenarios are true…I will pray for our sisters and brothers, is all I can say😘”

“Nah sis he wanna go in them woods it’s not her it’s ya man 😩🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“Nothing but the Truth always them raccoon 🦝 Face bishhhs 🐾”

“They really think we don’t know. 😒SMMFH.”

But one Instagram user felt the single mom should have been making better use of her time, which prompted Govan to hit reply.

“You MF have too much time on your hands, go take care of your Kids.”

“@buttheycallmenonie how is this to much time, it takes 4 seconds to post… I can do That while I Pee! Oh and I’m with my babies longer [than] your parents were ever with you!”

Laura Govan

And the TV personality won support from fans over her clapback.

“@lauramgovan don’t explain yourself. Keep on posting the real. 👍”

“@lauramgovan THAT PART!!”

“@lauramgovan She hella mad lmao love the comeback.”

“@lauramgovan sassy walk away..with a Mimosa… baby I smell shade.tuh”

@lauramgovan oh dayum 👏🏼back fo sho.”

“@lauramgovan I’m glad you spared a little time to get that straightened out!”

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