Black Army Vet Blinded In One Eye, Suffers Broken Bones after ‘Misunderstanding’ Leads to Brutal Attack by Police


Louisiana state authorities are investigating after a U.S. Army veteran says she was beaten by police in an attack so brutal, it caused her to lose sight in one of her eyes.

Tanisha White of Winnfield, La., said she was over a friend’s house Monday evening when she called police for a ride home, which she’s done on several occasions. Things took a turn for the worst, however, when White says a “misunderstanding” triggered the attack.

“The police officer pulled the taser out and started shooting in my right eye,” she said. “I couldn’t see, I was screaming, It felt like I was getting electrocuted.”

The incident left the Army vet severely battered and bruised, local station KNOE reported.  White was admitted to a Shreveport hospital where she was treated for several broken bones in her face and a black eye.

White’s sister, Tramika Coleman, said she was in “extreme shock” after learning what had happened. Coleman said an officer told her her sister had stumbled and hit her face on the concrete as she was trying to resist arrest.

“It just hurt my heart so much seeing her lay there when I walked in the hospital and I see her laying there,” she told the station. “She looked like she was in so much pain.”

According to KTVE 10, White was hospitalized for three days and later got the life-changing news that she’d never be able to see out of her right eye again.

“It’s already hard living day to day. “I have to stay with my parents you know, so this is just going to make my life even harder,” said White, who suffers from PTSD, anxiety and depression.”

Louisiana state police are now investigating the allegations.

Watch more in the clip below.

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