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‘This is How Complications Happen!’ Kenya Moore May Have Jeopardized Her Health with Latest Stunt

After pregnancy complications forced her to deliver early, Kenya Moore should be recovering from her emergency cesarean section. But “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum is instead going out and grabbing some necessities from the store. And the new mom’s actions has fans worried.

Moore made her run to Target Thursday, Nov. 8, and she was careful not to walk around and instead ride a scooter.

“#realVsReality #brooklyndaly came early and the reality is it will take weeks for me to be able to walk without the excruciating pain of a C section and to heal from the multiple cuts to my uterus,” she wrote in the video’s caption. “Needed to get her some preemie items so of course, off to @target we went. My aunt Lisa is so afraid! 🙈 I’m supposed to be in bed 👿.”

Many fans demanded Moore, who gave birth to 5-pound, 12-ounce daughter Brooklyn Doris Daly on Sunday, go back home and rest or risk getting an infection or having some other complication.

“Girl auntie Lisa could have done that without u. FaceTime boo! GO LADY DOWN! Your more susceptible to infection and illness than your baby! Go home @thekenyamoore Lol! I know what c-section feels like!!”

“Yes u are supposed to be in bed, if u want to heal properly and quicker, get out of that germy place!”

“This is how complications happen! Send someone else to run your errands or shop online and have them picked up for you! Go home and stay there until you have healed! Your health is nothing to take lightly sis!”

Yet some fans praised the star for getting on the move and told her she’d be OK.

“You’re fine and you’re doing it right. Taking the scooter not walking. I had a c-section and four other kids in my care. Being laid up in bed was not a reality. I healed just fine. Smh.”

“I don’t blame you @thekenyamoore I was the same way with my c-sections. You will be fine. No one knows the way mom brain works after major surgery like one who’s been through it. Welcome to Mommyhood. This is what we do!”

“You’ll be fine .. my twins were premature Wear a really strong binder for abdominal support.”

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