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‘Married to Medicine’ Dr. Heavenly and Mariah Huq’s Feud Heats Up Even More After Antigua Fight

The tension between “Married to Medicine” stars Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq continues after the two get into a heated altercation during a cast trip to Antigua.

Dr. Heavenly and Huq have been beefing for several seasons, but their battle finally came to a head during Sunday night’s episode. Quad Webb-Lunceford opened up to the ladies about her impending divorce with Dr. Gregory Lunceford which led to Kimes and Huq engulfing in a shouting match.

Huq blasted Quad for not being more open to the group about her broken marriage, but Kimes defended Miss Quad and said she’s not obligated to disclose any of her personal information to any of the ladies. Kimes need to defend Quad sparked an argument between she and Huq.

Dr. Heavenly

(Bravo screenshot; dr. heavenly and mariah huq’s heated exchange)

Things quickly took a turn for the worst after Huq broke a champagne flute and gave Kimes the death stare. Kimes walked away from the table moments later, throwing a chair at Huq and shouted, “Yo mama look like a fu**ing fool” responding to Huq’s verbal jab. The altercation also caused Kimes’ husband Dr. Damon and Huq’s husband Dr. Aydin Huq to get into an explosive exchange.

Kimes later tweeted that she felt no remorse over her fight with Huq.

“Honestly I have no regrets! #TeamDaddy,” Kimes wrote on Monday.

Huq said Dr. Damon defending Kimes’ “disrespectful” actions is what fueled her to break the glass.
“Anytime I spoke Heavenly cut me off I couldn’t say 1 word,” Huq tweeted on Sunday. “The glass came AFTER so many Mama’s that night. He seems to have an articulate opinion about everything else EXCEPT when his disrespectful wife says “YO MAMA” CHILE BYE!”
Fans shared their opinions on the incident:
“Damon really should do something about Heavenly.”
“The yo mama shit is getting old heavenly stop it girl you grown.”
“Lmaooooo i love Mariah!!!! Damon is such a punk.”
“👊🏾 I’m actually glad Mariah was getting at her because the ya momma jokes was getting old and she tooo old for that.”
“Heavenly is suppose to be a educated black woman in her 50’s I’m sure….acting a damn fool I can’t with her.”
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