Ashanti’s Slamming Swimsuit Pic Makes Fans Gulp

Ashanti shut down Instagram once again with her breathtaking curves. On Wednesday, Ashanti shared to Instagram a photo of herself in a skimpy red bathing suit with some waist-length curly hair. In her caption, she wrote, “Making some adjustments… 😜 Bday Recap🎉 @slsbahamar #slsbahamar.”


The singer received many comments glorifying her perfect figure.

“Wait a Got Damn Minute @ashanti Jesus! 😫❤️🤦🏽‍♂️😳”

“Shanti send me that workout plans and meal prep plan sis cuz this bawdy is goals!”

“u r so beautiful, darling, perfect makeup. perfect hair, 😊😚😘 that’s amazing 😘😍”

“The living breathing definition of beautiful……smh”

“Hello beautiful, I really like the way you are looking”

One fan even said that Ashanti is a, “Very beautiful masterpiece😍😉💞😘.”

This isn’t the first time that this singer has caught the eyes of her followers with her body. In August, Ashanti shared a photo of her in a glittery, transparent, two piece set. In her caption she simply wrote, “#Attention.” The fans responded to the flawless picture with comments like, “You look like your still 25 years old my god what a goddess.” More fans commented, “Ain’t a soul got shit on her🙌🏽🔥”, “U look so good Ashanti team natural 😩❤️👑 🙌🏽 I love you beautiful.”


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