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‘From the Amazon?’ Steve Harvey Hilariously Confuses Alexa for a Real Person

Steve Harvey’s Q&A segment on his talk show usually goes off without a hitch. But that wasn’t the case during a recent moment on the show.

When a viewer asked a question about Amazon’s artificial intelligence service, Alexa on a Wednesday, Oct. 24 episode of “Steve,” things took a puzzling turn.

The woman explained she recently moved out to California to be closer to her three adult children. But her daughter was concerned about her mother feeling lonely. Enter Alexa, which the question asker’s child bought her.

“She bought you a friend?” Harvey asked to which the woman enthusiastically responded in the affirmative.

“Let me tell you about this Alexa,” she continues. “She puts me to sleep … and not to mention, I’m laying in the bed and I can just yell out, ‘Alexa, what time is it?’ and she’ll tell me. I mean, she reads me a story.”

“Are you sure you want to say this on TV?” Steve asks, clearly thinking the AI is a real person. Then, he asked where she’s from and was stunned when learning she’s from Amazon.

“The Amazon?” Harvey asked believing a woman had been scooped up from the rainforest.

Another audience member told the comic the truth as the crowd roared with laughter.

“I thought her daughter had went to the Amazon and brought her a person back!” Harvey said. “You can’t buy nobody! And then she said, ‘She put me to sleep!'”

The woman ultimately wanted to know if she should ditch the device as her kids want her to develop “a real social life.”

“Sometimes Steve ain’t got the answer for you,” Harvey says. “You need therapy … have you ever heard these two words: you crazy? Ain’t nobody ever told you-you was crazy?”

The question asker had the perfect response: “Alexa.”

And much like the folks in the audience, fans watching the segment online lost it.

“Steve look so confused ‘Are you sure you want to say this on tv?’ 😂😂”

“Alexa from the Amazon😂”

“Has this woman heard about ONLINE DATING??? Steve’s Face😂😂😂”

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