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Tennessee School Leaves Parents Concerned After Refusing to Discipline Student Repeatedly Saying N-Word In Video 

A student of Germantown High School was seen on social media hurling racial slurs and parents are wondering why she was not reprimanded.

“These types of things are known to go on in this school,” a concerned parent told WREG. “But they go on in every school so that will be their excuse. And they will say ‘Well this is why we gave her a warning and this that and the other.’ Because they try to keep lenient on punishments so they’re not exposed out in the open like that.”

A video of a student repeating the word “nigger” multiple times went viral on social media and sparked outrage. The video appears to be recorded elsewhere and not on school grounds. However, students of Germantown High School recognized the girl going on the racist tirade and said it’s a classmate of theirs.

“It’s not something that any parent would want to see,” said Roseline Ngwe’achoh who’s questioning why the school hasn’t chastised the girl. “You don’t want an adult to grow up knowing that this race is this, and this is this. Slavery is gone.”

A student sent the news station a letter stating that the video “has been brought to the attention of the administration of Germantown High School by many students who were offended by the comments made by their classmate in this shared live-stream.” The student goes onto to say that the school failed to punish the student accordingly.

Sheolby County Schools released a statement on Friday addressing the incident, “All of our schools have high expectations for character and conduct of all students, and acts of bullying, harassment or discrimination directed at a student or campus will never be tolerated. … In addition, all reports are handled on a case by case basis and taken very seriously. … However, SCS is not permitted under federal law to provide the outcome of an investigation or any determination concerning discipline to a student.”

The father of a student told the news station that the video is disturbing by not at all shocking.

“If you look up the true definition of that word it means ignorance,” he added.

His son told him that bullying against particular races and sexual orientations occur all the time at the high school.

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