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Why Wendy Williams Defends T.I. Amid Backlash For Racy Melania Trump Lookalike Video

Wendy Williams came to the defense of T.I., after he was blasted for releasing a video that featured a naked actress playing Melania Trump. Melania’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham labeled the clip “disgusting” and called for a boycott of the rapper.

“These kinds of vulgar attacks only further the divisiveness and bias in our country,” she added. “It needs to stop.”

Wendy Williams Defends T.I.


But the way Wendy sees it, the Trumps were the first ones to spew negativity and anyone who responds is merely playing by the rules they set.

“People don’t do that,” she said about folks insulting the First Lady. “But I think this administration has lowered the bar for everything. Everyone has jumped into the game, so yeah T.I. you’re in it too. And Melania, sit down … Trumps, you’ve done this to yourself. T.I., I found nothing wrong with it.”

Wendy’s words undoubtedly sparked a debate, and the opinions on whether T.I. was wrong for making the video were mixed.

“I didn’t think the Melanie thing was cool,” one person wrote. “Y’all would go crazy if it was Michelle Obama. Setting aside their political views and career life, history, she is still a woman and somebody’s mom. T.I. wouldn’t like it if Floyd put Tiny out there like that.”

“A faux Melania naked in the White House is disrespectful, but a real Melania naked all over Google isn’t?” someone asked.

“So Melania’s husband is the only man who gets to act like a pig and get away with it?” a third person questioned. “Nah girl. If your man gets to be a misogynist then T.I. gets to as well. This is the standard their administration has set, and if they want better then maybe they should do better.”

You can watch Wendy talk about T.I. below at the 4:13 mark.

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