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Tammy Rivera Features Daughter in a More Age-Appropriate Outfit, Fans Say That’s More Like It

Tammy Rivera fans absolutely love that she keeps her daughter Charlie Rivera dressing her age. Monday, Tammy shared a photo of Charlie rocking a leather skirt, FILA purse, matching bubble vest, and crew neck. The caption of her photo said, “My baby girl.”

Charlie Rivera

The fans admired Charlie’s unique sartorial sense.

“She so different”

“She fly as hell.. let us know when her fashion line comes out.”

“I love how original she is and how much of her self Tammy allow her to be. she reminds me of you.”

“I know she is a child but I wanna steal this look lol”

“Her swag is outrageous.. go ahead future stylish”

Fans also commented on Tammy keeping her daughter grounded with what she allows her to wear.

“Love how much of a CHILD you keep her in a world full of young girls eager to be grown yet u let her be herself! #kudos”

Fans are very supportive this week of Tammy’s parenting skills, but just last month, Rivera shared a photo of her teenage daughter on Instagram that was met with a fusillade of criticism on Charlie’s outfit. Many fans believed that the reality star was allowing her daughter to dress too grown for her age. One fan said, “Exactly …. theirs a age to be sexy and a age to be innocent . 13 you just wearing a bra . Why you have to show skin ? You’re a Baby 🍼.”

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