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50 Cent Tweets Half-Naked Bathtub Pic, Trolls Take It From There

When it comes to dissing people on social media, 50 Cent is usually sending the shots, but this time he’s on the receiving end. 

Because earlier this week, he posted a shirtless photo of himself in the bathtub and got clowned for it pretty badly.

“See, keep calling me fat, boy. l’m getting back in shape,” he captioned the image.

50 Cent Gets Clowned For Posting a Photo of Himself In the Bathtub


People immediately left negative comments and some said the G-Unit rapper should be doing other things with his time besides posting bathtub photos.

“Bruh, you’re naked with your phone taking pics in the bathtub,” someone wrote. “Step back and stay focused, fam.”

“Dude, you look like you’re taking a crap in the bath water,” another person tweeted. “Come on, my n—-.”

“This sh– is mad suspect,” a third person added.

50 eventually responded to the backlash and specified who the photo was meant for. 

“l only want females following me anyway,” he wrote. “Get the f–k off my feed, fool.”

Clearly, 50 does have a large female fan base, and many of them said they love the photo. They also made all kinds of advances to the rapper and expressed how much they like him.

“50 so fine,” one of them wrote.

“Baby, put me in that tub with you,” wrote another.

“I don’t think you’ve aged at all for like the past 15 years,” tweeted a third. “Just saying.”

So far the post has received 4,748 likes, been retweeted 525 times and is still causing a decent amount of chatter. 50 stopped responding to the comments as well.

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