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After Returning to the Spotlight, Singer August Alsina Forced to Defend Himself Against Fat Shamers

August Alsina is slowly returning to the spotlight after taking some time off and fans have noticed the star has packed on a few pounds. After they openly speculated about the singer’s weight, he hit back at them.

When Alisna dropped a clip from a new music video Tuesday, Sept. 25 after a three-year absence, fans celebrated while also commenting on his fuller frame.

“U got so fat!”

“You’ve gon fat august and wats the name of that haircut its dope ya know.”

“@caribbeanchick_95 no his face got fat he look like jada”

“Me sitting back watching some of yal say I’m fat now in my last post…(while I chew on some more food.) 😊😂 Yal really tryna fat shame da boy 💀💀 *jokes, jokes😭
Anyway, I’m bouta run to the fridge, yal want anything?” he captioned a Wednesday, Sept. 26 Instagram video of himself munching and staring directly into the camera.

Fans responded by saying he was simply healthy after kicking a Percocet addiction.

“You’re not fat😂😂😂 you’re healthy now!!”

“You look so good and healthy!!! 😍😍😍”

“FAT?! Where that healthy weight looks good on you babes 😍”

Other assured the star he was not fat at all.

“Fat ?😂😂 wtf where ? 🙃🙃”

“@augustalsina you are not fat 😂 they visually challenged 😂😂 you fine and look amazing 😉”

“Fat my ass. You will forever be fine😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥”

Alsina opened up to friend Jada Pinkett Smith over the summer about how he conquered his addiction.

“When I went through this experience of making a decision — and it’s literally as simple as making a decision — I didn’t go to a rehab, I didn’t go to a clinic,” he said to Smith on her show “Red Table Talk” in July. “I literally had to sit in my house with myself. … I know that anybody who ever experiences an addiction with pills, you have to pay the piper. Ain’t no way around it. And it’s not even an experience that I can tell you what it feels like. … Withdrawals is not a good feeling at all.

“The s— I had to go through to get away from those pills, I felt like a bus ran me over,” he added.

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