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Gabrielle Union Dedicates Her ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ to Former Enemy Jada Pinkett Smith

Gabrielle Union is giving praise to former enemy and fellow actress Jada Pinkett Smith for something not everyone is necessarily aware of.

On Wednesday, Union named Smith her “Woman Crush Wednesday” and gave her credit for her career and dedication as a wife to Will Smith, mom, and stepmom. But she also shed light on the “Girls Trip” star’s devotion as a friend.

“Today’s #WCW is @jadapsmith. Jada excels at so many things, but I think her most important role is helping the world to truly heal,” she tweeted Sept. 26. “More below on this fierce woman. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.”

gabrielle union


“I have literally been pulled out from under the bed by her words,” Union explained further. “Her fierce commitment to our collective healing & growth inspires us all & gives us practical pathways to living our best lives. She shows us what moving forward in grace, peace & love can actually look like. Thank you Jada for leading with honesty & transparency. I value you, our friendship & our journey to worthy. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.”

Fans rejoiced in the sweet memo sent her former-rival-turned-friend.

“This is so beautiful! 💕 The awesomeness of friendship and sisterhood…*PRICELESS*”

“Absolutely! I’m so proud of the fact that you two are supporting each other!! Black women supporting each other is so important to our being!! Gabby you too are #WCW!”

“Dig That!! That’s what’s ☝”

The supportive memo marks the latest public bonding moment between the Hollywood stars. In May, Union appeared on Smith’s “Red Table Talk” show and they went public about their 17-year feud. Neither woman could pinpoint exactly what led them to it, but Smith said, “Every time we would see each other, it was always cordial, always nice, but there was always tension.”

From Union’s decision of whether or not to hug Smith at the White House, to the pair taking what Union described as the “stiffest” picture at the NAACP awards, the women have had their fair share of awkward moments. But Union said she appreciated talking about their tension, saying it was “like a gorilla hopped off my back that I didn’t even know was there. I needed that, I needed you.”


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