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Black NYPD Cop Maintains Her Composure as Handcuffed Suspect Hurls N-Word At Her More Than 50 Times

In a show of restraint, a Black NYPD officer withstood an unruly suspect who hurled the N-word at her more than 50 times, walking away seemingly completely unbothered.

A video shared to Facebook shows the unnamed officer stand her ground and never make eye contact with the belligerent suspect, Ilya Freyman, who was arrested at a Brooklyn gas station on Wednesday, The New York Daily News reported.

Black NYPD Cop

A NYPD cop kept her cool even as suspect Ilya Freyman (right) screamed the N-word at her at the top of his lungs. (Facebook video screenshot)

In the video, Freyman shouts the slur over and over again as he sits handcuffed on the ground outside the Ocean Auto Center. The officer doesn’t flinch once.

“N—a! N—a! N—a!” yelled Freyman, who was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief. “You’re a n—a officer. F–k you.”

At one point, another officer tries to intervene, but Freyman greets him with a loud “f–k you” before continuing to berate the female officer. He grows increasingly agitated, as he fails to get a rise out of the female cop, and continues yelling the slur, louder and angrier than before.

Even with Freyman screaming at the top of his lungs, the officer and her partner remain unfazed, the video seems to show.

The New York Daily News reported that Freyman was taken into custody after he assaulted a booth attendant at the gas station, shattering the glass. The racist suspect is also facing harassment charges for his racially-fueled tirade, officials said.

The video, uploaded by Facebook user Swagnista Keda, garnered thousands of views last week and sparked plenty of reactions from fellow users.

“This man would’ve got kicked in the face,” Keda wrote when she posted the footage on Thursday before it was removed by Facebook. “Bravo (for the cop) keeping composure.” Keda re-shared the video on Sunday.

“I betcha when he got down to Central Booking and saw all the other ‘Neegas,’ he went from ‘Neega,’ to ‘Yo, what’s up my Nigga,’ ” one of her followers chimed in.

“Still a piece of shit I really don’t care what race or nationality he is,” another user said of Freyman, who appeared  to many commenters to be Latino. “A piece of sh-t comes in all races and persuasions. In other words, a piece sh-t is a piece of sh-t.”

Still, others commended the officers for keeping their cool, one person writing, “This female officer and her colleagues exhibited extreme discipline and restraint on camera. I wonder if they gave this guy the treatment in the police car.”

The NYPD hasn’t commented on the video, but Police Commissioner James O’Neill made his thoughts known in a Daily News op-ed where he wrote that, “NYPD officers know how to do their jobs with expertise and commitment to the public good.”

“As officers, we have to have thick skin,” he added.

Watch more in the clip below.


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