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Porsha Williams Announces She’s Back on the Radio But Fans Are More Consumed By Her Latest Hairstyle

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams is no stranger to fans adoring her many looks, and this new post is no different. Williams shared a photo on Thursday of her working a purple and blue scarf in a selfie. The caption of her photo read, “#BlessedAndHighlyFavored 💜 PS: I’m back on @dishnation check local listings 💋 Hair: @gonakedhair.”

Porsha Williams Fans swarm her comments complimenting the star on her fashion, “Where did you get the hair wrap? @porsha4real I love it 💙💜”, “Love this wrap on you”, “them lashes are sooo good. Where you get them? Strip or singles? @porsha4real”

Others shower the reality star with her normal amount of praise, “Marry me beautiful I will take good care of you”, “Purple, color of royalty….. At this very moment; that’s what you’re looking like 😍✔️!!!”, “U fine as fk and perfect 4 me I’m looking at u like DAYYYUUUMM”

Although Williams receives a lot of praise, she still has to set her fans straight on rumors. Yesterday, Williams shared a video of her showing off her flat stomach in a curve-hugging body suit on her Instagram page. This is likely in response to the repeated claims that she pregnant. It appears now that the photo has put that rumor to rest.  One fan said, “Well she aint pregnant.” More fans said, “Ok I was convinced you were pregnant, now ….. am just disappointed you are not 😩“, “Don’t look pregnant to me. @porsha4real look good!”

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