Lil Yachty Says He Was Stopped By a White Police Officer For Driving a Nice Car: ‘I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’

Lil Yachty was driving one of his expensive vehicles and was pulled over by a police officer on the morning of Wednesday Sept. 4.

According to the Atlanta rapper, he wasn’t tailgating anyone, speeding or doing anything wrong — he was just a young Black kid driving something nice.

Lil Yachty Says He Was Racially Profiled


“Wow, a white cop really just pulled me over just to ask me for the bill of sale of my car, because he didn’t believe it was mine,” he tweeted. “I didn’t do anything wrong. He literally just doesn’t believe it’s my car. Sh– is crazy.”

The 21-year-old didn’t specify what type of vehicle he was driving or where he was pulled over, but things seemingly ended once he proved ownership.

Right now, if you head over to Yachty’s Instagram page, you can see that he has a penchant for eye-catching automobiles. For example, in one photo he showed off a sky blue jeep that looks like a Mercedes. And in April he posted a video of himself giving a brand new Corvette to his best friend as birthday gift.

Plus, earlier this year, the “2 Vaults” rapper showed off his new all white Maybach, one that he ordered specially and waited two months for. “I paid cash,” he said. “Fifth car I got, so if I did it you can do it too.”

At this time, the name of the officer or his precinct wasn’t revealed, and Yachty hasn’t given any more details about being pulled over.


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