Police Witness ‘Random’ Stabbing of a Black Woman In Las Vegas, Yet Still Show Extreme Restraint In Shooting Suspect

Las Vegas Metro Police said they “tried everything they could” to avoid using lethal force against a man they say randomly stabbed two Black women in the city’s West Valley last Friday.

Cops are still investigating what drove 38-year-old Caleb Hill to stab two women, assaulting one of them on a bus before getting off and stabbing another on the sidewalk, FOX 5 Vegas reported. Police body cam footage from the incident shows officers repeatedly screaming at Hill to get on the ground, but the suspect failed to respond or comply with officers’ demands.

When police first arrived at the scene, they saw Hill stabbing his second victim. Hill later let the woman go and walked away after noticing police, according to the news station.

Authorities believe Hill, who has an extensive criminal history, may have been high on illicit drugs at the time of the incident.

“If he has already caused harm to two individuals, and is not complying with uniformed officers, he doesn’t want to be arrested,” LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said. “You don’t necessarily get that close. If an individual swings around with that knife, it only takes one precise hit and then you’re down.”

Despite a good Samaritan’s efforts to block Hill with his SUV, authorities said the suspect continued to flee. After a stun gun and bean bags didn’t work, officers finally shot Hill as he approached a bus stop with other innocent bystanders.

“They did everything that they could to try to prevent from using deadly force and it was ineffective,” Kelly told reporters.

Hill was taken to UMC Trauma in critical condition,” FOX 5 Vegas reported. His victims were also rushed to UMC Trauma, where they were treated for non–life-threatening injuries and later released.

Robin Woodfin, the woman stabbed on the sidewalk, recalled the suspect coming up behind her and repeatedly ramming something in her neck. Seven stab wounds later, Woodfin said she was in the emergency room — with Hill lying in the hospital bed right next to her.

“I couldn’t believe that!” she told ABC 13. “I’m in shock, but I’m glad to be alive.”

“He’s crazy as hell,” Woodfin later said of her attacker.

Police have charged Hill with attempted murder and evading arrest in absentia. The officers involved were placed on administrative leave.

Watch more in the video below.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

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