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Ohio Middle School Under Fire for Assignment Asking Students to Choose ‘Whom to Leave Behind’

Parents are outraged after their children received an “inappropriate” homework assignment that asked children who they would leave behind if the world was about to end.

Roberts Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls sparked controversy after an image of the “Whom to Leave Behind” assignment listed eight to 12 people to save during an apocalypse, Cleveland 19 reported. Some of the examples and descriptions included an Asian orphan, a homosexual pro athlete and a militant African American medical student.

Roberts Middle School

(photo credit Facebook/Wikimedia)

Many of the students’ parents deemed the homework assignment as offensive and inappropriate for children.

“What does her being Muslim have to do with it?”, Bernadette Hartman, a mother of a student told WKYC-TV.

Superintendent Todd Nichols met with other school officials on Monday and justified the purpose of the assignment.

“We take the matter very seriously, we are investigating it and we expect it to be completed very early next week with a resolution,” Nichols added.

Cuyahoga Falls council member Adam Miller was the first person who made the assignment aware to the public. He said in a statement on Facebook that the teacher tried to “promote diversity, but will remove  be removing this particular assignment from future lessons.”

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