Malaysia Pargo Encourages Fans to ‘Love Yourself’ Amid Messy ‘Basketball Ball Wives’ Season

“Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo made a sweet post reminding her followers to love themselves. Pargo shared an inspirational post to her 2 million followers on Instagram that said, “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself.”

Malaysia Pargo

Fans instantly loved the quote, “You will feel different once you love yourself first 💕✨”

“I do Every day baby!!” “All the time❤❤”

“Often times we as women tend to forget that…. So thank you for the reminder 🤗🤗”

“Yezzzzz Alwayzzzz… I Love U Malaysia…Beautiful Queen😘😘😘”

“Amen!!!!! I LOVE the way you ALWAYS uplift other women!! 💕💕💕”

This isn’t the first time the reality star has encouraged her fans in a positive way. Earlier this month, Pargo made a post that read, “I don’t know who this is for but God told me to tell 🗣 you to PUT THAT N—A OUT!!!!” Her caption said, “He gotta Go sis 😩😎…..” Fans were laughing and were able to relate.

One fan said, “Omg this was for me… you don’t know what this meant to me wow I’m shock[ed]. I just tapped my Instagram and it was on explore part and this the first hung I saw.”

Anther fans said, “Ayyyyy I’m not gone argue with u on this 1. I just need u 2 send me a gift that sticks 2 da wall so I [know] its real and I ain’t settlin’ 4 less no more 😀😀😰🙋.”

While Margo has been trying to remain positive, fans have been eager to see her upcoming fight with Jennifer Williams. In the season premiere, a scene showed Pargo throwing a table at Williams. Apparently, Williams wasn’t invited to the overseas getaway and showed up anyway. The ladies have been at odds after Tami Roman shared a rumor, apparently started by Jennifer Williams, that Evelyn Lozada slept with one of Shaunie O’neal’s exes.

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