Steve Harvey Fans Doubled Over In Laughter In Latest Throwback Video About Black and White Churches

Steve Harvey’s latest Throwback Thursday video is a timely one, arriving just before the weekend and ahead of folks heading to church on Sunday.

For the comedian’s bit during a 1990s comedy special, Harvey outlines the ways Americans can solve racism, but notes that church is something that has to remain separated. The “Kings of Comedy” star explains that picnics, company outings can include both white and Black people alike. He also says cooperate positions should be awarded evenly across the races.

But Harvey has a major reason for why churches should not be included in the melting pot.

“It ain’t gon’ work. I done seen it. It ain’t happenin’. Trust me,” he says to a laughing crowd. “It’s some stuff goin’ on at some white folks’ church that you ain’t gon’ be able to get next to and it’s damn sho some stuff goin’ on at yo church that they sho ain’t gon’ be able to get next to.”

He went on to explain the differences between a white church and a Black one. One is the difference in the names: “service” versus “chuch.”

“I don’ know if you done ever heard white people pray or not … they talk to God like he stay next do’. Like he they buddy. Like he got a membership at the Y. They don’t shut they eyes, ain’t no emotion in it, they just be talkin’ to God.”

After proceeding to demonstrate the way he says white people pray, he launches into how things go at Black people’s places of worship.

“Black people go to God with reverence and respect,” he says. “See Black people know God got a list of titles and we got to go down all them titles before we start asking for something. Black people give it up when they pray.”

Harvey then launches into an excited prayer much like those that may be found at the southern churches.

The throwback comedy bit had present-day commenters chuckling.

“Omg..Mr. Harvey so funny..bless you😂😂💕😊.”

“#Facts 😎 Steve a living legend ✊😂😂😂.”

“😂😂🤣🤣 my mom goes to service as a Black woman. I went like twice. He’s so right.”

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