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Security Guard Thought It Was Cute to Request ‘Trayvon Martini’ at Bar — Promptly Loses Job

A security agency terminated an off-duty safety officer on Wednesday after a Black bartender reported his racist encounter with the guard.

Chelsea Brown International announced Michael Dargy Jr.’s firing after he was accused of being racist by Missouri “Buzzard Beach” bartender “Alobar Bandaloop”. The safety officer allegedly ordered a “Trayvon Martini”, referencing the Black unarmed teen who shot to death by George Zimmerman in 2012. The Westport firm let go of the employee following their internal affairs investigation.

Bandaloop posted the upsetting incident on Facebook Monday evening and said his encounter with Dargy was everything except pleasant.

Alobar Bandaloop

(photo credit: Facebook Images)

“As a bartender, I’m asked to make 1001 different drinks and never once has any drink like this crossed till last week,” the bartender wrote.

Bandaloop said the guard stumbled into “Buzzard Beach” and tried to order the cocktail from him. The bartender was stunned by Dargy’s remarks.

“When he noticed the shock on my face, he decided to tell me the recipe. One shot of vodka, watermelon juice, and it only takes one shot because it only takes one shot to put him down!” Bandaloop exclaimed.

The bar employee refused to serve the off-duty cop and called “Westport Security” to report the bothersome incident. He said the security company “brushed” him off.

Baldaloop said, “Herein lies the big problem: he’s paid by the neighborhood to walk around with a pistol and ‘police’ the area. This is a huge issue with me. Who can trust this man in any interaction with an African American? How can this man make sure any mixed cultures are ‘secure’?”

The Westport Regional Business League which subcontracts Chelsea Brown International stated to the Kansas City Star, “Once this information was brought to our attention we opened an internal investigation which led to this suspension and the removal of the employee from the property. … “While the investigation continues and remains active the officer’s employment with Chesley Brown has ended.”

Chelsea Brown’s firm told Fox 4 News in a press statement, “Chesley Brown International has NO tolerance for hate, bigotry or prejudice. The company embraces diversity and inclusion as one of its core values. In April of 2018, our entire Westport Public Safety Team underwent cultural sensitivity training. We plan to reevaluate and refine the training program then reeducate our officers throughout our entire organization. This will better ensure complete understanding and the seriousness of these types of behaviors.”

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