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Man In Wheelchair Forced to Wait In Heat After Woman Refuses to Make Room for Him on L.A. Bus

A woman who refused to switch seats so a man in a wheelchair could board a Los Angeles bus drew the ire of fellow passengers this week, KTLA reported. Now, footage of the incident is sparking equal outrage among locals.

A bystander filmed the heated exchange Wednesday morning, as passengers screamed and yelled at the woman to make room for the incoming passenger. In the clip, other bus riders are heard taking a different approach by offering their own seats so the woman, who was sitting in the section for disabled riders, could find another seat.

She wouldn’t budge, however. Tempers quickly flared.

“Why don’t you get your a– out the chair?” one woman asks, audibly frustrated.

“You know you wrong,” another passenger chimes in as the woman continues shaking her head, refusing to move. “Somebody needs to snatch yo a– … That’s why they need to clock yo a– in the head, ‘cuz you’re out of line. You’re out of line!”

The bus remained parked for nearly 10 minutes during the commotion as passengers tried their best to get the woman to move, according to the station. She still refused, despite the anger and threats being hurled at her.

The witness who recorded the video noted that the priority area is reserved for elderly and disabled people, and said the woman may have been well within her rights to sit there. He also said the woman couldn’t speak English very well.

In the end, the man in the wheelchair was forced to get off and wait in the heat at the Harbor Gateway Transit Center for the next scheduled bus to arrive.

Watch more in the clip below.

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