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Drunken L.A. Prosecutor Rams Into Big Boy’s Vehicle and Continues Drinking After the Accident

Los Angeles radio DJ Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander found himself waiting for police and firefighters after his Nissan Armada was rear-ended by a drunk driver.

TMZ reported that Big Boy was driving in Calabasas, Los Angeles when a man identified as Michael Pettersen, an L.A. prosecutor, rear-ended his vehicle. The DJ told ABC 7, “I heard a screech, but not long…and everything from the back of the car went to the front.”

Big Boy was shocked to see what happened next after he approached Pettersen, “As we were sitting here talking to him, he gets his bottle of vodka and he’s just sitting there. Just dazing, just drinking.”

“He just crashed into me and he’s in the car drinking,” Alexander said on the phone with police. “He is still in the car, still drinking!”

An observer attempted to convince Pettersen to put down the bottle but he refused. The police arrived at the scene and pulled the drunk driver out of his vehicle and his pants dropped to the ground.

“I did pray for him as well. I don’t know what he’s going through. I don’t want to see another person going through that, but I also can’t write him the excuse of ‘he’s going through something,” Big Boy said.

The DJ was unharmed in the incident, “That seatbelt I felt to me … that saved my life. I felt how that seatbelt kept me in place.” Pettersen is being sent to the hospital to check for injuries and take a blood test. He’s currently on leave of absence from L.A. County D.A.’s Office since January 2017.

After some viewers caught wind of the video they speculated that Pettersen may be trying to outwit the system by drinking on the scene. Reportedly, it becomes difficult to prove he was driving drunk if he drank after the accident.

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