Utah School Officials Launch Investigation After Two Black Soccer Players Are Harassed 

Canyons District school officials are doing everything they can to search for individuals who blurted out racial slurs towards two athletes during a soccer game.

Two sisters were shocked after being the target of racial language on Tuesday from the opposing teams’ supporters. Emmie and Darcy Woodward said they’ve always felt welcomed in their community and by their teammates despite being the only two Black soccer players at time. The sisters are also adopted by two white parents Mark and Kate Woodward.

Sky View

(photo credit: ABC)

“Skin color has never mattered. It’s never been anything that I’ve focused on,” Darcy told News 4.

Nevertheless, the two Sky View High School students said during the first half of their soccer game they began hearing derogatory terms from fans of Alta High School. Emmie said she heard a guy yell, “Black lives don’t matter.”

“I didn’t know what to do. I was so shocked. I was so confused,” expressed the high school senior. “I was so hurt because I never thought people would say something like that to me.”

Darcy said the opponent’s fans began berating her during the game also.

“One person said, ‘Hey, number 20. I hope you’re embarrassed.’ I heard another one of them say, ‘Nice shot, n****,'” the recalled.

The players’ parents were infuriated after learning that none of the staff members reprimanded the fans during the game. They reached out to school officials who immediately conducted an investigation.

“Canyons District has a very strong anti-discrimination, harassment, bullying policy. We do not tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment, or bullying on any Canyon District campus,” said Canyons School District employee Jeff Haney. “We want to make sure that any student that comes to Canyons School District, whether they’re part of one of our schools or part of an athletic team from another school, that they feel welcome.”

The principal at Alta High began interviewing faculty members and students who may have witnessed the individuals who made the racial remarks. Haney said the offenders will be disciplined “to the full extent under policy.”

Darcy told the news station that she and her family hope the individuals come forward and “never want to repeat history.”

Mark and Kate are grateful that school officials have reached out to them but wanted a valuable lesson to be taken from the incident.

“There are two aspects to this whole thing. One is with the students were doing. But the second is what the adults were NOT doing,” Kate expressed. “This is bullying. This is abuse and parents need to step up and teach their kids that this is not acceptable in a high school situation or a sports situation.”

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